Cheating is not enough, Schoolgirl

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This is an incredible match with Valerie vs the Shaman.
They did not meet each other on Defeated mat before, but they knew each other by reputation.
Shaman is known to be a strong wrestler, while Valerie is known to be a good cheater, and a nasty fighter.
So the atmosphere gets immediately tense.
Shaman takes control first.
Valerie fight back, choke Shaman with scissors and sleeper hold.
Valerie kicks on Shaman’s balls when he’s down, teases him and poses.
Then she’d go on and choke Shaman again.

However, this time Shaman overpowers her and turns the game to his favor.
He puts her into many painful holds, without allowing her to pass out, to make sure she feels all the pain.
Then, Shaman continues to torture her, until he removes her clothes, leaving her breathing heavily on the floor just with her bikini.

Without letting Valerie recover, Shaman continues with the punishment.
Valerie tries hard to fight back and almost manages to escape occasionally, but she always gets overpowered by the powerful Shaman.
Shaman aims for many leg stretch and spreading holds, targeting to damage Valerie leg, punishing her for the scissorhold at the beginning of the match.

After some long punishment Shaman would deliver her a second finisher, and victory poses.
Despite his clear superiority, he is going to dominate her and torture her after the match.
In fact, Valerie thinks the match is over, and tries to crawl away in a kneeling position.
Seeing this, the Shaman immediately puts her in a Banana Split.
Then, he spreads her legs back and forth for further punishment, while Valerie cries out in pain and screams for mercy, but the Shaman ignores her.
Finally, after a long spreading, Shaman releases her, but to make sure she is completely off, he delivers her a final grapevine choke on poor Valerie.

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Lenght: 47:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 29.99$

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PUBLISHED: 2017-12-28

Nice Try Valerie

nice try valerie
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PUBLISHED: 2017-06-02

Guy Vs Valerie and Lilith – Double Bearhug and Neck Lifting!!

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PUBLISHED: 2016-12-04

Guy Vs Valerie – Crotch Stomping Destruction

crotch stomping
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