The Guy gets revenge on Reina with a lot of submission holds

submission holds
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Reina is very confident and believes that the Guy is no match for her.
In the first few minutes they are wrestling and grappling very competitively.
On the ground, Reina manages to put Male into a scissorhold, the Guy tries to get out of the submission but he can’t. Reina refuses to let him go and continues to squeeze him. She also teases the Guy, humiliating him. Then, she finally lets him go. To add more insult Reina picks up the Guy’s leg and gives a few crotch stomp, while he’s down.
The Guy gets very angry and decides that Reina’s gonna pay for this humiliation.
Before Stella could get up, Male jumps on the defenseless Stella and performed a sleeper hold, which turns into a sleeper scissors hold.
Reina can’t apply any defense against this move, therefore she cries for submission immediately.
The Guy continues to apply pressure for another long minute, until Reina struggle stops.
Reina is knocked out, the Guy slowly put her into a seated neck lock. Reina is in great pain and begs for mercy, but the Guy is still pissed off, and he keeps the hold until she stops struggling.
Reina is still trapped in the hold, and the Guy turns around and carries on a Leg Grapevine chokehold. She tries to fight back a bit at the beginning, then the Guy releases her, leaving Reina breathing heavily lying on ground.
On the second part of the match, the Guy tries to weakening Reina’s legs and thigh muscles, making many leg spreading moves. Reina fights back and kicks out of the submission from time to time, but she always ends up being caught again and put into another submission hold.
Reina is starting to get scared and begs the Guy to stop, but he ignores her and continues with a ground octopus hold. On the third part of the match, the Guy is weakening Reina’s body, rag dolling her and inflicting agonizing pain, since he is determined to get revenge on Reina. She is now basically on the ground all the time, but still conscious, so that she would experience the full pain.
The Guy puts her into some humiliation holds and pins, and each time Reina struggles, gives up, begs the Guy to stop but does not receive any mercy.
The guy picks up Reina from the floor, and applies a painful bearhug on her. Grasping for air in pain, Reina is thrown back to the ground after a long submission hold. Still behind her, Male takes advantage and makes her a very painful looking leg splitting submission hold.
She cries for submission, but he teases her and keeps the hold on for a bit longer until he lets her go.
The Guy decides to go for the finisher. He first applies a figure four neck chock on Reina, leaving her kicking air and grasping for air. After a while, Reina’s struggles turns weaker, but just before she , he leans forward and grabs her legs. Then, he pulls them backward mercilessly.
This submission puts big pressure on Reina’s legs muscles and also back muscle.
The pain immediately wakes her up and she screams and pleads for stop!
The Guy, however, decides to play deaf and ignores her, and continues to twist around, applying further pain on her. Finally, the Guy decides to finish poor Reina by making sure that she won’t be able to use her leg for scissoring. He puts Stella in a seated position, slowing trapping her both legs between his legs and arms.
With her legs painfully spread, Reina wakes up again, but realizes in horror as almost all her four limbs are already trapped.
Insulting the poor trapped girl, the Guy refuses to let her go until she’s completely out, after a good long painful and humiliating hold!Focus: crotch attacks!
Highlight: Camel clutch + Nipple pinching!
Final Hold: OCTOPUS RACK!Language is English
Boston Crab
Arm bars
Camel Clutch
Leg Spreaders

Video Information:

Lenght: 40:43 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: HD
suscrbe Price: 19.99$ USD

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