Nice Try Valerie

nice try valerie
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Valerie is completed pissed about her last humiliation defeat, and wants a rematch. This time she is more careful, managing to trap the male into various submission holds at the beginning. Nevertheless, the male decides to play dirty, after around 10 minutes, he gives a nasty low blow to Valerie Valerie curses the male, grabbing her crotch in pain. The male takes advantage and proceeds to torture Valerie with many painful and humiliating leg spreading holds. Valerie struggles hard. But the male is too strong and nasty, so after a while, she is scared, crying and begging him to stop The male occasionally uses his hand to cover her nose, slap or pulling her hair for teasing her. He shows no mercy, as she showed him none during the first half of the match. He keeps torturing her with painful, humiliating and embarrassing holds, until the end of the match. In the end, he applies an inverted leg spreader that transitions into a ground octopus stretch. In fact, the male starts trapping Valerie from behind, and flips her upside down into an inverted leg spreader. He flips her up back and forth for 2-3 times, ignoring Valerie begging for mercy. Then he puts her back on the floor, but still trapping her leg, his other leg to push her head away, into a ground octopus hold. Finally, the male shows no mercy to Valerie, who is screaming in agony, until she passes out after almost a minute.

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Lenght: 45:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: FULL HD
  Price: 24.99$ USD

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PUBLISHED: 2017-12-28

Cheating is not enough, Schoolgirl

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PUBLISHED: 2017-11-23

School Girl Leg Spreaded Destroyed

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PUBLISHED: 2017-06-27

Guy Vs Valerie and Lilith – Double Bearhug and Neck Lifting!!

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PUBLISHED: 2016-12-04

Guy Vs Valerie – Crotch Stomping Destruction

crotch stomping
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