Maniac bearhug and destroy her to touch her feet

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Lady dee walks into the room and suddenly the guys walks behind her. He sneaks in, grabs her waist, and squeezes her, without lifting her up… She tries to run away while pushing his chest but he won’t let go, so she tries to put one foot forward, to gain leverage with her leg while trying to push him away. She stomps with one foot only multiple times while saying ‘Let me go!…Get off me!’, in a pouting baby frustrated voice, with a lot of grunts. Then he lets her go… she falls to the ground holding her ribs in pain. He grabs her right foot and caresses it while she tries to kick back and fourth with her right foot, keeping saying ‘Let me go! Get off!’ in a frustrated voice He lets her go once more and she says ‘Stop touching me…’. Then he grabs her and squeezes her waist while facing her. She stomps a foot multiple times while saying ‘Let go! Stop touching me!’ several times while grunting… and trying to push him away. Another bearhug, and she is knocked out on the floor. He now can take his time to remove her shoes and properly touching her feet

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Lenght: 29:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: HD
Price: 14.99$ USD


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PUBLISHED: 2017-07-10

Mxed Wrestling Club is about fetish mixed fighting


With the best fetish fighters around italy and europe. It includes forced foot licking, forced foot kissing, forced foot smelling, bearhugs, knockouts, BBW wrestling, headscissors, facesittings, nipple torture, deathfights, nipple twisting, sumiko Wrestling, Forced Foot smother, Custom fetish video, Custom Porn video, Foot smother, Footsmother, Headscissor KO, Headscissor Knockout, Reverse headscissor, reverse headscissors and more!