Tracy Destroyed – Leg Spread Moves

leg spread
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In this match we see the Male while dominating, humiliating and making fun on Tracy. In the first few minutes Tracy manages to trap the Male into sleeper and body scissors, got cocky and tease the male even when he has tapped out. This unexpected behaviour pisses the male off and he wants to take his revenge for the rest of the match. In fact, as the male is on the bed, unable to react, Tracy is getting to much confident, turning her back against him, letting her guard down. The Male takes this opportunity, got up quickly and trap her in an abs stretch submission, then followed by sleepers and scissors that further weaken Tracy down. In the second part of the match the Male will focus on lots of leg submission holds, to make sure she cannot use those scissors holds again. He applies many different Boston Crabs, STF, Sleeper with leg Spread, Ground and Guillotine choke, Grapevine Neck Choke, Figure Four Leg Lock, Elbow Choke, Abs Stretch, Brutal Sleeper Choke, Bearhugs, Canadian Backbreaker, Torture Rack, Camel Clutch, Ankle Locks, Dragon Sleeper, Side Bow and Arrow, Sharpshooter, Inverted leg spread pin, Ground reverse full nelson, Body bent pin and Ground Octopus Hold. Tracy is getting more and more angry, as the Male’s wrestling holds are giving her much more pain, without any chance to escape from his brutal domination. At the beginning she is refusing to tap out and keep struggling strong, then she understands she doesn’t have any chance against the merciless Male, sho she is starting to begging. As she is asking for pity, the Male does some “fake-let-go”, to make much more fun of her, and to take his full vengeance. Every time the Male pretends to release her from a hold, he quickly tightens the grip again, keeping insulting her, and making this match a true nightmare for Tracy. She’s so desperate and helpless, that she falls into a state of frustration. In the very end, Tracy lies motionless on floor, breathing heavily. The Male decides to finish the poor Tracy by making sure that she won’t be able to use her leg for scissoring. He traps both her legs between his legs and arms. With her leg painfully spread Tracy realizes in horror that she is done. The Male then tightens the hold aggressively a couple of times, having Tracy screaming and pleading in pain. Adding verbal insult to poor trapped girl, the Male refuses to let her go until she’s completely out, after a long, painful, and humiliating hold

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Lenght: 47:43 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: HD
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