Guy Vs Lilith – Many Knockouts and Limp Play!

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The guy starts the fighting attacking the little Lilith,
starting from a standing sleeperhold to a sit sleeperhold that sends Lilith KO.
The guy plays with Lilith limp body, tits and spanks her ass.
Lilith wake up will be in a standing backbreaker, and then KO again via choke.
The guy puts Lilith’s Bra on her head like a hat; she’s so ridicolous.
Another sleeperhold again that sends Lilith to KO!
The guy is not satisfied yet.
He takes Lilith in body scissor, pinching her nipple and sending her KO with Hand over mouth!
He blocks then her legs in her own panties, and he “victory poses” on Lilith in a John Travolta confused way.Focus: Lots of Knockouts and limp play
Highlight: Leg spreader nipple pinching to hand over mouth KO
Final Hold: Cross Body Scissor + Nipple Pinching + Hand over Mouth KO

Language is English
Eye rolling
Nipple pinching
Hand over Mouth
Ass Spanking

Video Information:

Lenght: 17:42 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: HD
suscrbe Price: 13.99$ USD

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PUBLISHED: 2017-06-19

Little Girl humiliates guy

femdom mixed wrestling
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PUBLISHED: 2017-02-18

Guy Vs Valerie and Lilith – Double Bearhug and Neck Lifting!!

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PUBLISHED: 2016-12-04

A lesson for Lilith: never play with fire!

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Painful and total destruction for little Lilith

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