Gorgeous Diva gets hard Punished

mixed wrestling maledom
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At the beginning, Angel got very confident and teases the Male. In fact, she believes that Male is no match for her. In the first few minutes they are wrestling and grappling very competitively – on the ground, Angel manages to put Male into a scissors and sleeperhold, Male tries to get out of the submission but he can’t. After some time he taps, but Angel refuses to let him go and continues to squeeze him, keeping humiliating him. Finally, she lets him go, but to add more insult Angel picks up Male’s leg and gives him a few crotch stomp while he’s down. Male gets very angry and decides that Angel is going to pay for her behavior! Angel is grabbing Male’s head and tries to pick him up for more punishment. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the male delivers some painful low blows to the unexpected Angel. Angel curses and is bent over in pain, still standing. The male see the chance and quickly go behind. He applies her an Abs Stretch, while Angel screams and curses in pain, struggling. She is tough, though, and she refuses to give up, so the Male changes the hold into a Leg Pull Abs Stretch, to increase the pain. Then the Male turns Angel around, and put her into a tight bearhug. To increase the pain he lifts her up and twists her left and right, but the torment does not stop here, the male then picked the half-conscious Angel up, and gave her another round, this time rising her up even higher, and with even more stronger grip. Every Angel’s scream is ignored by the male, so after a while poor Angel passes out. The Male now plays with her. He applies her different bearhugs, that wakes her up in pain, while he keeps punishing her in various grounded position. Still holding on, Angel tries to struggle to free her legs from some spreading holds, but she always ends up being controlled by the male again. Angel is in great pain and screams for stop, but the Male is still pissed off, and he keeps the holds until Angel stops struggling. Angel is curled on the ground, she thinks the match is over and grasps for air, trying to recover. However, the male has some more nasty submission holds planned for her: Boston crab, Arm / shoulder locks, Camel clutch, Arm-Lock Cross Face, Ankle Lock, Leg Bar, Figure 4 leg locks, Grounded abs stretch leg spreader, Sided bow and arrow, Crotch Stomps, Torture Rack, Inverted leg spread pin, Deep Schoolboy Pin, Seated Full Nelson, Arm Trapped leg Split… Now Angel is defenseless against the Male. The Male keeps the holds, mainly focused weakening Angel’s back, legs and thigh muscle. Angel fights back and kick out of the submission from time to time, but the Male keeps going with his revenge, by refusing to let her go. When she cries for submission, the Male covers her mouth, until she stops struggling. In the final part, the Male uses the most painful, humiliating and ragdolling elements. Angel receive no mercy, being broken with a Ground Optopus hold, and finished with multiple inverted leg spreader, while the Male keeps insulting and humiliating her.

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Lenght: 42:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: FULL HD

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