Her Feet Destroyed

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Lillith enters the room and the male is mad, because Lillith wants to join the fight in boots. So, he knocks her out fast and removes both of her boots. Now he starts to torture her foot with ankle locks, figure four leglocks, single leg boston crab, rocking horse and many holds more. After the first half of the video the guy removes just one of Lillith’s socks and continues his torture with toe twists, toe biting, stomps to her soles, ankle twists and so on. The final ankle lock comes with toe twisting until Lillith almost fall in K.O. mode. Finally, the male chokes out Lillith, while the camera slowly films from her head to her foot. Lillith is screaming in pain for the whole length of the video until she gets more and more tired, while the male is cruelly torturing her.

Video Information:

Lenght: 21:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: FULL HD
Price: 14.99$ USD

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PUBLISHED: 2017-02-18

Guy Vs Valerie and Lilith – Double Bearhug and Neck Lifting!!

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PUBLISHED: 2016-12-04

Guy Vs Lilith – Many Knockouts and Limp Play!

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A lesson for Lilith: never play with fire!

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Painful and total destruction for little Lilith

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