Custom Videos




Professional custom videomakers.

Send us your own fantasy, we make it Real!

A good part of the video you see in our stores are custom videos.
This means that some customer has sent us a script, after choosing the models,for have a full personalized video with his own fantasy.
How does it works?
You choose the models
You write down your fantasy.
You send it to us here.
You wait for our confirm.

You pay it and we send it to you in some week (There can be delays)

Prices for fetish custom videos:

20 Minutes custom:
Mixed wrestling 1v1: starts from 250€

Minutes: +10€Min

Photo Set Fee: 70€

We are professionists of custom videos making.

We don’t offer free services

Photos before the payment.

Video before the payment.

A “Story” before the payment.


What does people say about our fetish custom videos:

Awesome job Romero!!! And she is GREAT!!! “

Awesome job!!!!  You guys were unbelievable!  ONe of the best videos ive ever seen “

Thanks for the video, it’s great. “

The video was great! The wrestling is very real and there was plenty of physical contact. 

Thank you so much. “

i love it, thanks! “

Hi Scarlett, wonderful job 🙂 thank you to you and thank you to Cherie and Janelle as well 🙂 ”

I think that I would be more than happy to do another one with you in the near future. ”

Thanks Scarlett 🙂 I appreciate it ”

Hi Scarlett, really happy with my custom again! I’m so impressed with your work and especially loved Janelle and Stella’s performances:)

So, I’ve had the chance to take a look at the video…  As a whole, I’m very happy with it.  Thank you.  “

Great….Thank you very much. “

This custom is very hot! Amazing video 🙂 Can’t wait for the fourth video! Again really really really hot! “

Uno dei migliori video mai visti soprattutto parte victory pose “ –translated: “ One of the best videos ever seen, victory poses part above all ”



Mxed Wrestling Club is about fetish mixed fighting


With the best fetish fighters around italy and europe. It includes forced foot licking, forced foot kissing, forced foot smelling, bearhugs, knockouts, BBW wrestling, headscissors, facesittings, nipple torture, deathfights, nipple twisting, sumiko Wrestling, Forced Foot smother, Custom fetish video, Custom Porn video, Foot smother, Footsmother, Headscissor KO, Headscissor Knockout, Reverse headscissor, reverse headscissors and more!