A lesson for Lilith: never play with fire!

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On the first few minutes of the video, little Lilith traps the Guy into sleeper and body scissors, gets cocky and teases the Guy even when he has the chance to tap out. What a huge mistake!
This false step pisses the Guy off and he will get his revenge for the rest of the match.
In fact, as the male is on the ground, Lilith turns her back against him and did some stretching, letting her guard down. The Guy takes advantage from this opportunity, gets up quickly and traps her in an abs stretch submission, then followed by sleepers and scissors that further weaken Lilith down.
In the second part of the match the Guy will apply a lot of leg submission holds, to make sure she cannot use those scissors holds again. Even if Lilith tries to be tough and angry at the beginning, and she keeps struggling strong, the Guy will get his vengeance with every weapon he can use.
He feels so confident, that he also does “fake-let go” when Lilith eventually tapped out, increasing her feeling of frustration for the entire match.
In the last part of the video, Lilith is so destroyed and in pain that she screams for submission, begging for mercy. But even if she is in agony, now it’s too late. She is asking him to stop in vain.
The guy wants so badly to punish this disrespectful bitch, that he humiliates her by a series of leg spreader moves, to demonstrate how weak she is.
Focus: Leg spreader
Highlight: Lotus Hold + Leg spread
Final Hold: Similar OCTOPUS with hair pullingLanguage is English
Flying Racks
Lotus Hold
Leg spreaders racks
Abs Stretch

Video Information:

Lenght: 46:13 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: HD
suscrbe Price: 19.99$ USD

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PUBLISHED: 2017-06-19

Little Girl humiliates guy

femdom mixed wrestling
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PUBLISHED: 2017-02-18

Guy Vs Valerie and Lilith – Double Bearhug and Neck Lifting!!

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PUBLISHED: 2016-12-04

Guy Vs Lilith – Many Knockouts and Limp Play!

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Painful and total destruction for little Lilith

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